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Women of the Bible

Women of the Bible
      Block of the Week
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Introduction and yardage requirements
Women of the Bible Blocks
Here is how it works:  Each block will be made available through a link on our Facebook page.  If you're here...... you found it! Click on the link, name for each block, below for the corresponding block you are looking for, (if the name of the block is no longer highlighted, it is no longer available for free).  Blocks will be available for a two week period, for free.  A new block will be posted each Monday and an older block will fall off.
  Be sure to save the document or copy and print;  links will no longer be available after the two week time period. Don't worry, if you started in the middle of this series, or miss a week, a CD will be made available, for purchase ($10.00) that contains all of the blocks and finishing instructions, to all of our Facebook followers.
             Hope that you all are enjoying this and keeping those bobbins hoppin!

Border Instructions- (Available until June 8th)
This is the last set of instructions for
the series. We hope all of you have enjoyed it.
Please keep a look out for the information about
when the CD will go on sale.

Setting Instructions-
The setting instructions consist of filler blocks
and the layout of quilt.

  Block 40: Mary 
The perfect mother…
She was singled out, chosen by God to carry His son. But life was not easy for Mary of Nazareth...

 Block 39: Elizabeth 
Destined for greatness…
Elizabeth knew her baby was miraculous, but little did she know he would one day pave the way for the Messiah…

 Block 38: Syro-Phoenician Woman
If at first you don’t succeed, try again…
Thankfully, the Syro-Phoenician woman did not take NO for an answer. Because she persisted, her daughter was healed…

 Block 37: Lois & Eunice 
Thanks Mom (and Grandma)!
Faith formation begins at home, and thanks to Moms and Grandmas all over this world, children are learning about Jesus. Read about two amazing women and how they shared their faith with their son/grandson...

 Block 36: Menstruating Woman
Don’t touch me!
This was no childhood exclamation, it was the law. Find out why the menstruating woman was willing to break the law in order to get her hands on Jesus…

 Block 35: Adulterer 
It was a lose-lose situation…
Jesus had a decision to make, and it looked like a lose-lose situation. What role did the Adulterer play? Find out…

 Block 34:Queen of Sheba 
Riddle me this…
During the Queen of Sheba’s visit with King Solomon, she asked him several questions and riddles. Why?

Block 33: Pilates Wife 
I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen…
How many times have you heard or said those same words to your siblings, children or husband? Pilate’s wife tried to warn her husband that he was making a BIG mistake, but did he listen?

 Block 32: Salome 
Rated R, for mature audiences only…
By today’s standards, the story of Salome and her role in the death of John the Baptist would be fodder for a mature audience mini-series on cable TV. It is the story of lust, betrayal, greed and the abuse of power...

Block 31: Martha & Mary
Sibling rivalry...
has been around a long time. Learn how Jesus responds to one sister's complaints…

 Block 30: Joanna 
The wind beneath his wings...
Jesus has many wonderful women to thank for their support and faith. Joanna is one of these women.

 Block 29: Priscilla
A thankless job…
Priscilla dedicated her life to her faith, created one of the first churches in her home, and trained other apostles to properly deliver the teachings of Jesus, but did anyone ever say thank you?

 Block 28: Anna
A pinnacle of faith...
Anna waited faithfully for over 50 years, praying daily, waiting to set her eyes upon her redeemer. Would she meet her redeemer before her life was over? Find out...

 Block 27: The Samaritan Woman 
Never judge a book by its cover...
By all accounts, the Samaritan woman and Jesus should have been natural enemies. Yet, when they met by chance at Jacob's Well, they became friends and the Samaritan woman ultimately
became a disciple of Christ. Read more…

 Block 26: Mary Magdalene 
She was Jesus's BFF...
In today's technology lingo, Mary Magdalen was Jesus's Best Friend Forever. She led the women's group that traveled with Jesus in his ministry and final days, and she stayed by his side through his crucifixion, death & resurrection. Were they more than friends? Find out…

 Block 25:Crippled Woman 
Oh, her aching back...
For eighteen years, this crippled woman suffered with a twisted, painful spine. For eighteen years, she suffered the taunts and accusations of the townspeople. But she never gave up hope; never
gave up her faith.

 Block 24: Dorcas/Tabitha 
The quintessential church lady...
Every church has one. You know, the widow-lady that prepares funeral dinners, manages the charitable events, and works tirelessly to support the workings of the church. Well, Tabitha was one of the first church ladies. A true disciple of Christ!

Block 23: Shiprah & Puah 
They gave life...
Two Egyptian midwives, Shiprah and Puah, are credited with the expansion of the Hebrew nation.  How did they do it? And what did they risk?

Block 22: Delilah 
Hard-hearted Delilah - love 'em and leave 'em...
Little is known about Delilah's heritage and upbringing, but something must have happened to her to turn her into cold-hearted courtesan that she became. Samson was not a very ethical character himself, but compared to Delilah, he was an angel.

 Block 21: Hannah 
How hard would it be to give your baby to God?
She waited years and years to have a baby. When finally her son, Samuel, was born, Hannah honored her promise to give her son to the Lord. This could not have been an easy decision, yet Hannah rejoiced in the birth and gift of her son.

 Block 20: Potipher's Wife 
Real housewives of Egypt, starring Potipher's Wife...
She was rich, bored and looking for love. What happened when Potipher's wife seduced a house slave??? You'll find out this week when you work on Block 20…

 Block 19: Rahab 
A dangerous game of hide and seek...
Rahab took a huge risk by hiding two Hebrew spies under her roof. But her gamble paid off; she and her family were saved when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

 Block 18: Tamar 
She fought for what was rightfully hers...
She had to lie and cheat, but ultimately, Tamar gained what was rightfully hers. By today's standards, Tamar's actions would be judged harshly. But in ancient Israel, Tamar's tenacity and persistence was respected because she followed the Law of Moses.

 Block 17: Jael 
The rest of the story...
Last week, we heard the story of Deborah, judge and prophetess. She was able to defeat the enemy,but she did not kill him. Who murdered Sisera? This week, you'll hear the rest of the story.

 Block 16: Deborah 
A woman judge? Absolutely. At that time, Deborah, a prophetess, wife of Lappidoth, was judging Israel. She used to sit under the Palm of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim; and the Israelites came up to her for judgment.

Block 15: Miriam 
We've seen her on TV, And now we will learn more about Miriam, sister of Moses, leader of the Hebrew women. According to the epic television movie, Ten Commandments, Miriam saved Moses' life when she placed him, as a baby, in a basket in the Nile River. But did you know that Miriam held a much more important role as leader of the Hebrew women?

 Block 14: Jephtah’s Daughter 
Leave me alone!
And then she went in her room, slammed the door and called her friends. If Jephtah's daughter were alive today, that is how she would have expressed her anger. As it was, she chose to spend her last few weeks with her friends away from her home and her father.

 Block 13: Asenath 
To society, Asenath appeared to be a quiet, submissive wife. But Asenath knew that her most important role was mother of two
sons who would later become forefathers of two tribes of Israel.

Motherhood is often a thankless job, but is always the most important job women will ever have.

Block 12: Judith 
David & Goliath, the female version...She may have been small, but
she was certainly mighty. With God's help, Judith was able to
an army general and save her people from King Nebuchadnezzer's army.

 Block 11: Naomi
And they lived happily ever after... This is the phrase we most
commonly associate with brides and grooms, not mother-in-laws. This
week learn how Naomi engineered her life (and her daughter-in-law's)
to ensure they both lived happily ever after.

Block 10: Esther 
She saved her people. Esther was a true heroine. Without her
intervention, the Jewish people living in exile in Persia would
have been slaughtered. Today's Jews continue to celebrate Esther's intervention with a
festival called Purim.

 Block 9: Bathsheba
She was two-faced... We've all known someone who shows one face
to public, while hiding their true self and motives. Bathsheba was shrewd and cunning. She secured her son's inheritance and her place in christian history.

Block 8: Ruth         
I go where you go...Ruth gave up her family, her friends and her home to
travel with her mother-in-law to a country where she would be treated as
an outcast. Her loyalty was rewarded.


Block 7: Rebekah 
Momma always liked you best! How many times have you heard one (or
more) of your children say
this? The story of Rebekah, Isaac, Esau and
Jacob is the quintessential story of a mother's love
and favoritism. In
this story, Rebekah's favoritism
served God's purpose as well as her own.

Block 6: Jezebel
She thinks she’s better than others… We've all known someone who fits
this description. And no one fits it better than Jezebel, wife of Ahab
and Queen of Israel. Known as the wicked queen, Jezebel certainly
qualifies as one of the despicable women of the Bible.

Block 5: Hagar
Nobody likes me… Can you recall ever feeling like this? Well, if you did,
then you have something in common with Hagar, an Egyptian slave girl,
despised by her owner and fellow slaves. Even her husband turned his
back on her. But God never gave up on Hagar, and he never gives up on
any of us!

Block 4: Noah’s Wife
What’s her name? Do you ever have a hard time coming up with a name for
someone you should know? It's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't
come up with it? Well here's a puzzle for you... What was Noah's
wife's name?

Block 3: Sarah
You’re never too old… This week, reflect on the incredible story of Sarah,
who gave birth to Isaac when she was 90 years old. The Bible tells us that
Sarah lived 37 more years after Isaac's birth. What a wonderful
testament to her faith in God and her love for her son.

Block 2: Rachel
Love conquers all… or does it? This week, read and reflect on Rachel's
love for Jacob. Their classic story of love at first sight takes surprising
twists and turns. Love, lies, deceipt and death. Does this sound like a bad
movie? No, it is a classic Bible story.

Block 1: Eve
In the beginning… We begin our Women of the Bible Pattern Series in the
Book of Genesis. Eve was the first woman, the first mother, the Mother
of All Living. Before you begin cutting and assembling your first block,
take a little time to read the Introduction. I hope you enjoy reflecting
on and
constructing Eve.

Remember if you have joined in the middle of this Women of the Bible series, you are welcome to continue.  A CD will be made available to all of our Facebook followers at the end of this series.  It will be available for purchase for $10.00 and will include the introduction,  all of the blocks and finishing instructions.